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So we are on book 2 for March – Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger. And in an attempt to control the number of comments on this page I have taken some professional advice and made a small change.

This book club page is about Book Club itself, the actual books we read will be added as a new post when selected, and then when we’ve finished we will have a review post – hopefully this makes sense.

If you know of someone who would like to join or you’re not already in email me


45 thoughts on “Book Club

  1. I love the idea of talking over a book! (Have to find a good cardigan now) I’m kicking off with a book I haven’t read for years, but absolutely love. It’s called The Bone People, written by Keri Hulme. I recently bought myself a copy from Amazon for a couple of pounds so perfect. That’s it, thrown it into the hat!

    • Hi seems to be working now! you will have to forgive me, not very good with technology!
      Would love to join. My choice is The Constant Gardener or Shadow of the Wind which I have half read,! Hoping you receive this. Love Pamela xx

  2. Sorry, I have changed my mind, the book I was reading is not that great, so I have now decided on 12 years a slave. I really want to see the film but would prefer to read the book first…

  3. Hi Karen, I think I’m all ready to go, though I can’t seem to create an account! As I have not read properly for years ( apart from books with George!) can I abstain from the recommendation this time?

  4. Before me I suspect, although I refer to my electronic reading device as a Kindle it’s actually a Kobo (I think I picked Beta max) – had to buy an actual hard copy of the book- you’ll all be finished reading it before I get my copy via economy delivery

  5. How is everyone getting on ? Paula’s almost finished + I suspect Pam and Marie as well while my copy is yet to be delivered. Haven’t given much thought on how we ‘talk’ about the book, as that was the point of the club – any ideas out there ?

  6. Hi Karen. Only a couple of chapters in to be honest. Finally finished Snow Child and can dedicate some time to it now.

  7. Okay so I just finished 12 years A Slave. So glad I read the book before watching the film. I have never read about slavery before and as the book is written in the words of the man who suffered it made it all seem so much more real, I hope the film shows all the characters as he describes them! I cannot fully comment on the book and the characters in it until Karen starts reading it!!!!!!! But a truly amazing story. I knew it would be 😉

  8. You need to get a move on! !! Yes, what are we reading next? I have only 2 chapters to go.
    It is a great read and having already seen the film l found many more interesting points!
    The descriptions of The Deep South of America are excellent.
    I will not say more as you have not read it yet Karen. Xx

    • It was A great book, the characters came to life for me through the narrative, I saw the film first, so difficult to know how I would have felt otherwise. The strongest people for me were Epps, SOlomon &Patsey.

  9. I felt helpless when I read this book, Solomon suffered for far too long, the brutality of the slave masters was horrendous. And all I wanted to do whilst reading, was to shout please no more.
    The film is worth seeing, but does not go into as much detail. Michael Fassbender plays Epps and really brings him to life.It is not a book I would Have chosen, but I am glad that read it. The cruelty of man displayed for all to read. And also they felt they were doing the right thing by treating the slaves so terribly, and used the bible to imply they were doing the right thing. !!

  10. Its been a while since I finished but its not a book/story you can forget easily, Over the years I have heard and seen various accounts of slavery so it was interesting to read directly in the southern words of Soloman. I also read the first few chapters then found it difficult to pick up, I almost feel guilty to say I was bored of the daily lashings and sadness (how on earth can I say that when the man suffered 12 years of it) then the ending picked up again and I was intrigued to read how he managed to escape. I think the film left out so many significant moments that I am really pleased I read the book. When reviewing a true story its hard to say you like the characters but the interaction between Tibbets and Soloman did make me chuckle a couple of times, he stood up for himself at times when others would have just kept quiet, I suppose that’s how he finally escaped and others did not.. Depends on the strength of the person.
    Amazing story, worth reading over watching!

  11. Yes, the film did not show all the finer details of Solomon,s rescue. But it was very well acted, and to have adapted the whole book would have made for a very long film! I cannot say that I enjoyed the book, but glad to have read about Solomon and his trials. Slavery still goes on today even in England, as Steve McQueen said last night, when he received the Oscar for best film, 12years a slave, l hope that in another 150 years no one will be writing another book or making a film about Slavery.

  12. Overall I think that this was a worthy book rather than a pleasure book, however I read something from a perspective that I would never have come across on my own, which has to be good thing. As a person though I didn’t really get a feeling for ‘him’ it was much more about the circumstances (although this could be that because he dictated it and a ghost writer actually wrote it) I got caught up in it being history that I missed the modern relevance . Well made point Mrs P.

  13. I did find it quite a difficult book to get into to begin with. I don’t know if that was just because it was such an uncomfortable subject or more the style it was written in. I understand what you mean MissM, the routine nature of the cruelty came across so humdrum, in the same way as it did when he described making their meagre portion of food for the day, working the fields or bedding down for the night. The character I had quite a lot of trouble with was Ford. Epps was a complete sadist and just thought of slaves as he would any of his other livestock. Bass was a good man, who did the right thing (though he was still scared of the consequences), but Ford was something quite different. He obviously thought of the slaves as human beings, showing them a certain level of kindness, but he continued to keep them in that position. He sold Solomon to Tibbeats knowing how cruel and violent he was, but had a clause put into the agreement and was obviously troubled by the man. I just found him very difficult to understand. I have to say though I did find it a very uplifting book. The fact that this man endured (and also saw) some of the most unthinkable things, knowing that he was a free man and not being able to breathe a word (They even took his name away for god’s sake!). He still showed such a strength of spirit and never gave up. Not a book I would have picked up, but I’m glad I read it. On to the next one!

  14. Hello at last! 12 ywars a slave, I can’t say I found it enjoyable, more compelling. I enjoyed the language, there were a couple of passages in particular: when describing why masters existed and how it wasn’t their fault they were brought up to treat a slave like an animal. Yes I agree I did feel uplifted, knowing he escaped and got a certain degree of justice. Whats next??

  15. So am I! But have got some time and will write my review here!
    Her Fearful Symmetry
    The Book began well,and all the characters were very interesting, especially the Twins Valentina and
    Julia.Towards the middle of the book I was getting bored and annoyed as nothing much seemed to be
    happening,although there were many descriptive passages about Martin and his OCD.
    At last Elspeth made herself known,in the dust on top of the piano!!They had been there for 3months
    and not dusted, naughty, naughty, tut tut.
    I was very angry when the Cat died, and felt that Robert was not really upto the job of controlling Elspeth or Valentina. He was just mooching around doing his own thing.
    I became confusedby Edie and Elspeth swapping names, but absolutely loved the escape of Valentina and the White Cat. I was very disappointed by the ending, a bit of a let down. To sum up, it was well written and a different kind of ghost story, but somehow I expected a lot more.

    going to post this here Karen not really sure where else to put it. Xxx

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