A book by it’s cover

One day I will write about books again, this is not that day..

Over the last couple of weeks several things have been mulling round my head, my ongoing love of yoga, vegan food and how I deal with meeting new people.

When I was growing up my brother had a CB radio, and when he was out my friends and I would smuggle it into my room, and very quietly talk to other CBers. Sometimes they would try and set up meetings, we always ran away (probably wisely) I am still that person. If you substitute email/ twitter for CB radio, nothing really has changed. Apart from maybe I am little bit braver, and kinder than my 15 year old self, or at least I thought so.

I love remotely connecting with others, but actually meeting new people is slightly scary. However due to geography I have made the leap between being ‘virtually’ acquainted  and actually acquainted recently

At the same time I’ve started my yoga practice again, I had to stop a couple of years ago, when I broke my wrist, and never went back. But recently I have felt the need for a little more balance in my life and been to some really great classes. One of my teachers has emphasised the need to be generous with others and ourselves- and not judge or assume.  In yoga practice  that’s relatively easy, but in ‘real’ life?

Some time ago I came across some photos of someone I knew slightly but had never met and had to face a couple of unpleasant things about myself. Because of their appearance (my comment was – he wears his trousers wrong) I resisted actually meeting him. My avoidance techniques carried on for weeks, until it was either meet or sever what had been a very rewarding connection.

We met, he’s amazing and we are, I think, friends. When you think of yourself as open minded and accepting its hard to admit that you harbour such a prejudice as being superficial, but it’s just as difficult to forgive yourself – but I’m trying. Finally had the trousers conversation, and luckily enough B saw the funny side.

This song, we’re all the same – is sort of linked to what I’ve been feeling, and so good.


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