What mortal hand or eye ? by Pamela

Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger ,chosen and reviewed by Pamela

The Book began well,and all the characters were very interesting, especially the Twins Valentina and Julia.

Towards the middle of the book I was getting bored and annoyed as nothing much seemed to be happening,although there were many descriptive passages about Martin and his OCD.

At last Elspeth made herself known,in the dust on top of the piano!! They had been there for 3 months and not dusted, naughty, naughty, tut tut.

I was very angry when the Cat died, and felt that Robert was not really upto the job of controlling Elspeth or Valentina. He was just mooching around doing his own thing.
I became confused by Edie and Elspeth swapping names, but absolutely loved the escape of Valentina and the White Cat. I was very disappointed by the ending, a bit of a let down. To sum up, it was well written and a different kind of ghost story, but somehow I expected a lot more.

What did the rest of you think ?



One thought on “What mortal hand or eye ? by Pamela

  1. I really enjoyed Robert Rodriguez From Dusk to Dawn, but it always feels like two separate films that have been spliced together. This book had exactly the same feeling for me, except I would say a book of thirds. The first third, beautifully observed relationships and delicately woven plot. The middle third, confusing, echoes of the Time Traveller’s wife but not so consistent. The final third, pulls it together – but only just. While her writing is polished I found the characters difficult to relate or warm to -which is a must for me. I wanted to like this book, but in the end while I can admire the writing skill, I just couldn’t.

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