The directors cut

About a year ago I almost lost the sight in my right eye, if my life was a film this would have led to an epiphany, however..

We had been out to dinner with some friends on Sunday and I’d looked into a very bright light, causing what I thought was one of those imprint on your eye things that happen when you look at the sun. While it didn’t get any better the next day; I was busy at work, there was parents evening, rush, rush. The next day I ignored it. By Wednesday there was a persistent shadow in the corner of my left eye, and when I closed it instead of velvety darkness there was a rippling bright light.

Eventually, fed up of my incessant Googling, my husband took me to the Doctors. By the end of Thursday I had been to two hospitals, had orange drops, bright lights, more eye drops, three Doctors and one Mr surgeon quite literally in my eye.

Turns out I has a massive tear in my retina, which was a fraction from becoming detached. Which was a bad thing.

Friday morning, 7.00 am I was at St Thomas’ Hospital having a gas bubble inserted into my eye and the tear lasered.

Until this happened I had never spent anytime in hospital (other than 1 night after giving birth) and what I’d heard was based on horror stories and Daily Mail readers. Without exception every single person I came into contact with was helpful, professional, supportive and caring. Everyone.

I went home on Friday afternoon, returning on Saturday to have my pirates eye patch removed and my eye cleaned. At this juncture I was told that I could go back to work on Monday, although it would feel like I was seeing things through a goldfish bowl for a month or so while the gas bubble evaporated. I couldn’t fly or swim. I also could not wash my hair for a week.

I dealt with the potential loss of vision in my eye, two days of tests, a gas bubble in my eye – but not washing my hair, for a week ? I made them sign me off from work.

Well, there was an epiphany of sorts – I may be more superficial than I thought.

What I did learn is that we have a fantastic health service, which we all should support in every way that we can.

There is a 40% chance that in the next year my retina will detach again, so I also now know how to use dry shampoo.


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