There be dragons

Oh yes indeed.

This – Reawakening by Amy Rae Durreson was my first foray into fantasy for at least 20 years. As a teenager of course I read Gormenghast and Lord of the Rings (it’s practically compulsory) but since then nothing. Part of me thought that ‘that kind of book’ was pretty much read by spotty smelly boys who played video games because they were scared of  talking to others. This still may be the case, but they are also for me.

I started to read this because of the authors blog,, I am a sucker for well written literary blogs and she doesn’t disappoint, plus there are free short stories, which of course I read, and then read her posts regarding Reawakening which  piqued my interest, like a literary hors d’oeuvres, and I bought the book.

Its quite a hard book to ‘talk’ about without giving away too much of the plot, which I dislike doing. The setting is another world, but one that is relatable to. Dragons exist, and have the ability to assume human form, each Dragon guards over a hoard – basically a family, the Dragon and the hoard nourish each other emotionally. Tarnamell (Tarn) the King of the Dragons has been sleeping for centuries. When he awakes he finds that he is alone, there are no other dragons – suffering without the emotional ties of a horde Tarn sets out to find one. In the desert of Alagard he believes that he has found his horde, but the guardian spirit of the desert (Gard) has different ideas.

The developing relationship between Tarn and Gard is so well written, they fizz against each other, the dialogue is witty and sparkles with sexual tension, deepening into affection.  The romance has some classic elements, misunderstanding and potential loss and is really well done. However the real star is the world building and secondary characters. There are warmaids, mercenaries, Warrior Queens ,nomads and priests all well written and rounded, many deserving the telling of their own stories.

The crux of the book concerns the fight against evil ,The Shadow, and the menace and darkness is so well done it totally had me on the edge of my seat.

Reawakening is 251 pages long, but reads like an epic , I hope that there is a sequel.

Hard to chose a song that complements this entirely, so here is a love song, and it is beautiful.


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