Gin craze

I have been so excited about book club, and have had a few work related issues that my reading has been sadly neglected – I am about 70% through The Better Angels of Our Nature (but I’ve been reading it since before Christmas) and 40% through Iron + Velvet which I started on Tuesday, but today was my day out at Maltby market with Jane.

We went just before Christmas and had some amazing food – mackerel croquettes and fabulous cheese but the star of the show was the Little Bird gin joint where we had luscious warm gin cocktails served in medicine bottles with strawsImage

Made me come over all little match girlish.The gin lasted 2 weeks so we promised ourselves a return visit.

The lovely people at Little Bird assured us that as it’s distilled with grapefruit it actually counts as one of your 5 a day – and the ginger in it helps keep colds at bay so I’m feeling healthier already.

Gin also makes me feel rather louche which complements Iron + Velvet , and as I don’t drink scotch is the best that I can do as an homage to Kate (drink and books idea stolen unashamedly from .


Bit of an afterthought – I love this song and it’s the one I remember that has gin in it


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